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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is not a single form of therapy but uses many approaches that are applied using hypnosis.  This makes Hypnotherapy an extremely powerful form of therapy.

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What is Hypnotherapy

Stephen Rigby:

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Fully qualified, fully insured and registered with the GHR, the largest professional register of hypnotherapists in the country.

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful yet perfectly safe and natural frame of mind. Some estimate that we enter this relaxed state naturally four to eight times every hour.  

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What is Hypnosis The General Hypnotherapy Register The General Hypnotherapy Register
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Weight Control without Dieting

Have you ever considered that the reason why you cannot control your weight is not your fault but the the fault of the method that you are using?

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Weight Control with Guildford Hypnotherapy

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What is Comfort Eating?

What is Comfort Eating?

Comfort eating is the use of food to deal with an emotional need. Emotional need can be as basic as boredom or as complex as the need to feel good about oneself. Comfort eating takes place independently to hunger. Comfort eating is therefore usually overeating.

Exploiting the Chemical Action of Food

Food can be quite useful as a means of comfort. Chocolate for example contains a collection of different substances that mimic natural pleasure producing chemicals that exist within a normal happy or content person’s brain. Excess carbohydrate intake can also produce lethargy and an almost tranquillising effect! Even a non-excessive intake of food can have a physiological impact – how many times has a meal at lunch time left you feeling tired and lethargic in the afternoon?

Comfort Eating Solves Nothing

Unfortunately, food used to address emotion has the same effect as any drug. Comfort eating does not solve any emotional problem; it can only serve as a short lived distraction – even when that emotional need is hidden from your conscious knowledge like a fear of being thin. Any psychological effect produced by eating always wears off and until one addresses the emotion, it will reoccur and need more food to repeat the effect!

Comfort Eating - A Good Way to Put on Weight

If one comfort eats, one disregards the natural mechanism that controls how much we eat. If we do this, we will eat more than we need to. If we are comfort eating consistently, we will put on weight.

Many overweight people deny that they are comfort eating but often we are trained to do it from birth. If there is a general weight problem in your family you may be training your children to comfort eat in the same way that you were trained.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Address Comfort Eating and Control Your Weight

Weight control is all about understanding ones relationship with food. Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you develop a relationship with food where you can eat what you want and be confident that you are only eating what your body requires.

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“Reality check: you can never, ever, use weight loss to solve problems that are not related to your weight. At your goal weight or not, you still have to live with yourself and deal with your problems. You will still have the same husband, the same job, the same kids, and the same life. Losing weight is not a cure for life.”

- Phillip C. McGraw,

The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom, 2003

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