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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Unless you have spoken to someone who has stopped smoking with Hypnotherapy it is difficult to realise just how easy the process can be.  Here is a sample of what some of my clients have said.

What My Clients Say About Stopping Smoking With Hypnotherapy

As my commitment to ensuring that you get as good a stop smoking service as possible, I always follow up with my clients to check on their progress. The following are extracts from a few of the emails I have received that highlight just how easy hypnosis can make the process of stopping smoking appear.  Please, however, realise that each of these people made a decision and a commitment with themselves and they used all the will power they needed to fulfil that commitment.  (names and identifying details have been removed).

Email 1 –  I haven't had to rely on will power to see me through!
Email 2 –  I can’t believe how easy this is

Email 3 –  I no longer even think about cigarettes even at the pub!
Email 4 –  I have hardly thought about smoking at all

Email 5 –  I haven't even felt tempted!
Email 6 –  Feelings at one month then at six months
Email 7 –  I can't believe that I don't crave them!
Email 8 –  Not missed smoking at all
Email 9 –  I will never want to smoke again
Email 10I don’t mind if people smoke around me

Email 11I now deal with things head on

Email 12If I was going to relent it would have been then

Email 13I have not become one of those smug ex-smokers that I used to detest

Email 14Exactly one year on, I still haven't touched a cigarette






1. I haven't had to rely on will power to see me through

I hope you are well. I am and that is due largely to the fact that I haven't had, wanted or felt the urge to have one cigarette since I saw you… Thank you. I am amazed at how easy it has been, I haven't had any cravings just the odd thought now and then like 'I'd normally have a cigarette now' but that's it. Very soon after seeing you… I was in a wine bar and I was offered a cigarette and without thinking, the words came out 'No thanks, I don't smoke'. It made me laugh afterwards because it was said without me realising what I was saying, it seemed so natural.

What has been the best thing is that it's all occurred without trauma, I don't think that I've been particularly bad tempered and I haven't had to rely on will power to see me through, it's been fantastic and so easy.

2. I can’t believe how easy this is!

I just wanted to let you know that things are going really well – can’t believe how easy this is and I wish I had done it years ago!

3. I no longer even think about cigarettes even at the pub!

I'm doing extremely well as a non-smoker as I no longer even think about cigarettes even at the pub!

As could be expected the most difficult days were immediately following our session and I remained sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnosis for the first week or so. However... I was, and still am amazed at how differently I view the act of smoking thanks to your changing my perception from that of a smoker to a non-smoker. This is where I have always stumbled in the past but it is no longer an issue. Where before I was constantly resisting the temptation to smoke, now there is no temptation and therefore nothing to resist.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues, and have done so on several occasions already.

My fiancée and I both thank you,

4. I have hardly thought about smoking at all

I've just returned from Andalusia and am happy to say I'm still a non-smoker. During the four weeks since I've seen you I have hardly thought about smoking at all. Had a little blip after dinner whilst away in Spain; my son was smoking and for the first time in weeks I thought, mmm, that'd be nice. But I then thought how stupid I'd be to start again and remembered why I didn't want to be a smoker. Then the feeling passed.

It nice to be able to go into places with "no smoking" signs and not to panic or feel frustrated that I can't smoke. Dare I say it, to even feel a bit smug, although that's probably not the right word to describe the pleasure I get knowing that I'm not enslaved any more. I feel happier, but unfortunately can't say I feel healthier at the moment. Shock to the system I guess.


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