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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is not a single form of therapy but uses many approaches that are applied using hypnosis.  This makes Hypnotherapy an extremely powerful form of therapy.

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What is Hypnotherapy

Stephen Rigby:

Your Hypnotherapist

Fully qualified, fully insured and registered with the GHR, the largest professional register of hypnotherapists in the country.

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful yet perfectly safe and natural frame of mind. Some estimate that we enter this relaxed state naturally four to eight times every hour.  

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What is Hypnosis The General Hypnotherapy Register The General Hypnotherapy Register
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Address: 101 Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7PF  Email:

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Stephen Rigby Hypnotherapy

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Choosing your Hypnotherapist

Where does one start in choosing a Hypnotherapist? A fancy address or advert does not indicate someone who is competent and an advert found in the corner shop does not indicate someone to avoid. A recommendation by a friend can be useful but you still need to be sure they are right for you. The first thing you have to do is check that they are registered and therefore trained and insured. If you find them on The General Hypnotherapy Register (the largest register of Hypnotherapist in the UK) you can assume that they have a standard of training and have insurance but this is just the starting point.

Check Out The Hypnotherapist’s Website

Choosing a Hypnotherapist is all about getting the right information. You need information to make your decision. Most therapists now have a website. If they do not have one what does that say about them?

Is Basic Information Available?

Some Hypnotherapists do not publish even basic information like fees, contact number, the address of their practice or even their full name. You should choose a Hypnotherapist who is open and honest; if they do not give such basic information how much should you trust them?

How Much Is Hypnotherapy Going to Cost You?

You would not choose a restaurant without checking the prices so why choose a Hypnotherapist without doing the same? If prices are not advertised they may be exorbitantly high or the Hypnotherapist may just want you to enquire so they can start selling to you!

Can the Hypnotherapist tell you how many sessions are required? As a general rule most issues that respond to hypnotherapy, will require up to four sessions and smoking cessation usually just one. If the Hypnotherapist claims that one session is always all that is required or is non-specific, you may end up wasting your money choosing them as your Hypnotherapist.

Speak To Your Hypnotherapist Before Making An Appointment

Is the Hypnotherapist’s contact number just a mobile phone? Do you make an appointment with your doctor on their mobile or by ringing their practice? Hypnotherapists work from a clinic so become suspicious if a therapist does not advertise a land line. If you ring the Hypnotherapist and only get an answering machine you should question what sort of practice they run and therefore the quality of their service.

Will You Receive Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is more effective than other therapies so expect to pay more per session because you require less sessions.  If you visit a Hypnotherapist who also offers other therapies (orthodox e.g. psychotherapy or alternative e.g. TFT/EFT/Tapping) you may find yourself paying for hypnotherapy and receiving something less effective.

Can You Meet Your Therapist Before Investing Any Money?

Choose a Hypnotherapist who offers a free introductory session to help you to evaluate whether you will be comfortable working with them. Ultimately your decision will be based on instinct but the more information you have the more reliable your instinct becomes.

Choose Stephen Rigby As Your Hypnotherapist

I have been in full time practice since 2002 and have medical doctors and consultants who have sufficient trust in me to send me their patients.

Book an appointment now by ringing 01483 566115 or by accessing the online booking form.

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 “Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.”

- Henry Winkler OBE

(American actor, director, producer, author and holder of an honorary OBE "for services to children with special educational needs and dyslexia in the UK.")


How to Choose a  Hypnotherapist

Choosing Your Hypnotherapist to Stop Smoking

You are an individual so you should be treated as an individual not just like every one else.

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Why Stop with Stephen Rigby

Choose Hypnotherapy Guilford

Are you looking for a Guildford Hypnotherapist? Stephen Rigby has been a full time Hypnotherapist in Guildford since 2002.

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Hypnotherapy Guildford

Choose Hypnotherapy Woking

If you want to choose a Hypnotherapist in Woking, Stephen Rigby also holds sessions in the Woking Holistic Centre.

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Hypnotherapy Woking

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

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Does Hypnotherapy Work?

I asked the best people to know - my clients!  I surveyed 50 of my clients and 100% said they experienced an improvement in the condition for which they attended!