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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is not a single form of therapy but uses many approaches that are applied using hypnosis.  This makes Hypnotherapy an extremely powerful form of therapy.

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What is Hypnotherapy

Stephen Rigby:

Your Hypnotherapist

Fully qualified, fully insured and registered with the GHR, the largest professional register of hypnotherapists in the country.

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful yet perfectly safe and natural frame of mind. Some estimate that we enter this relaxed state naturally four to eight times every hour.  

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What is Hypnosis The General Hypnotherapy Register The General Hypnotherapy Register
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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Originally NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is credited with having been developed back in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder using a process they called “modelling”. It can be described as a set of tools or patterns designed to change ones outlook and perspective - to effectively re-program the mind.  The tools came from a study of eminent therapists of the time: Fritz Perls, Vaginia Satir and Milton H Erickson. After the development of NLP Bandler and Grinder parted company.  

Although at the time of its creation it was thought that NLP would be continually developed it has remained virtually unchanged since the 1970’s.

Although NLP is an incredible tool for change its use still requires skill and it has its flaws.  After parting Richard Bandler started teaching NLP and he still regularly teaches in the UK. John Grinder moved into the corporate environment where he used the skills he had learned to help corporations.  He also discovered that the process of “modelling”, as used in the development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, had much farther reaching potential for human development. His work for companies like NASA helped him to develop tools that can easily be applied to increase performance and expertise in all areas of human interaction.

In 1996 John Grinder decided to return to the field of NLP and address the shortfalls in his original work with Richard Bandler.  Grinder subsequently launched New Code NLP (and to distinguish it from his new development called his original work with Richard Bandler Classic Code NLP)  New Code NLP has only really emerged since about the year 2000 and has been taught regularly in the UK by John Grinder and his partner Carmen Bostic St Clair since 2002.

NLP is Hypnosis

Milton Erickson was the third person that Bandler and Grinder studied in the development of NLP. Erickson who was an eminent Hypnotherapist. As a result, Bandler and Grinder experimented in depth with formal hypnosis. Although the use of hypnosis is not obvious in many NLP techniques Bandler and Grinder have clearly stated that NLP is hypnosis. It is probably more accurate to refer to the hypnosis used in a lot of NLP as “informal” hypnosis since it is the individual that generates it automatically.

Bandler and Grinder are superb hypnotists and Richard Bandler has been billed in television programmes as the “world’s leading hypnotist”.  Any advanced practitioner of NLP will also use formal hypnosis with their clients.

Application of NLP

NLP (Classic Code and New Code) contains many patterns and exercises that can be used to change patterns of thinking and personal development.  

The formal hypnosis aspects of NLP can only practically be taught person to person but there are many of the exercises that can be taught over the telephone.  Stephen Rigby tends to use only classic code NLP with his Life Coaching clients but the full range of applications and techniques are available with his Hypnotherapy clients.

To book an appointment ring Stephen Rigby now on 01483 566115 or you can book on-line.

What is NLP?

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP can be described as a collection of tools developed from a study of what makes therapy effective.  It has also been described as the technology of genius.

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How To Choose A Hypnotherapist

Okay, so you have answered the question of does hypnotherapy work but all hypnotherapists are not the same. There are a couple more things you might consider when choosing yours.

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How to Choose a Hypnotherapist

Choosing Your Hypnotherapist to Stop Smoking

You are an individual so you should be treated as an individual not just like every one else.

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Why Stop with Stephen Rigby

Choose Hypnotherapy Guilford

Are you looking for a Guildford Hypnotherapist? Stephen Rigby has been a full time Hypnotherapist in Guildford since 2002.

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Hypnotherapy Guildford

Choose Hypnotherapy Woking

If you want to choose a Hypnotherapist in Woking, Stephen Rigby also holds sessions in the Woking Holistic Centre.

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Hypnotherapy Woking